Belumni Babe.

so excited..! this is the story of my little victory here.. =P

just one day before the voting end for the contest, my friend text me to inform me about it. i was like “WHAT?!” obviously i hadnt been keeping track of my stuffs. but very luckily i had a bunch of very good people on facebook who frantically helped me to vote at the very last minute.

I appreciate all of the efforts that you guys had put in to help me with the votes. i’ll be damned if not for your support. thank you all very very very much! loves love ♥♥♥

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yay! finally the pictures are in for The Official JellyBird Party!!!
yea.. i know, it’s been a looong wait… so here goes the pretty sexy pictures for that night!

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Halloween 2011!!!

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Bpk. Kris Wiluan Birthday Party

my very first overseas assignment! in batam for Kris Wiluan’s 63rd Birthday Party held at Backlot Studio!
it’s really exciting as it is a my first time at such a huge set and studio productions!!!









 and finally.. before heading back to singapore…

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Singtel Casting Call 2011.

10k cash prize! 10k contract! who wouldn’t want that???

so, i tried my luck. i did the 1st video with the client with only 1 take because i was rushing for my assignment. of course, it turns out like crap! so i took one more when i was out for halloween with a couple of interviews with my friends. it is better than the first, but still kinda so-so.

let’s just cross my fingers and hope i get to the finals.

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Sony Game Solutions Centre Opening Ceremony

apparently, the opening of this GSC is such a big thing, it is all over the news! and i am not allowed to post my own pictures, so i gotta wait for them to publish the pictures then i can use them.

i love the uniform! really chic! black, white, silver with the PlayStation logo and a red scarf that has prints of the controller buttons!!! so cute! i totally feel like their PS girl already ♥♥♥
and yes, the uniform was imported from japan itself.. me likey like!

oh, we’re gonna be featured on playworks magazine too! the last time i saw myself on a magazine was for teens, my very first interview as a year one ngee ann poly ambassador along with my very first studio shoot. it was baaad! it was years back when i was only 17 and i aint no model material! let’s not talk about it.. horrifying!

so i finally get to see justina again during this assignment. we graduated together from JCmodels. she’s such an innocent girl with the really sweet look. absolutely love her! would really like to do more assignments with her soon, friendly and approachable, easy to work with. the photographers took lots of photos of us at the GSC opening ceremony.

hopefully i can upload the pretty pretty photos soon! =P

 Missy A


Jelly Babes — the official jellybird ambassadors.

promoting a brand new way to drink & get high.. it’s the jellybird – alcoholic jellies! 

comes with the pretty jelly babes! lol.. just kidding!

the official launch at St James Powerhouse was fabulous and fun! great party with great deejays!

i was damn tired before i had an assignment before that. imagine standing in heels from 6.30pm to 10.40pm, then rushing to the jellybird thingy from 11pm til 4am. thank god my legs didnt break or something! guess that’s the benefit of intensive gyming of at least 3 days a week!!!

exhausting but happy! cause that day i received quite alot of tips from my customers from both assignments!!! feel really appreciated for my hard work and really must thank those customers for their generous “donations”. really really make my day! happy sha la la~

stay in tune for more pictures of the event because we have a surprise guest from taiwan!

Missy A 

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